My Cubase 10 Workflow

  1. Try, try again to open my project…the one I just spent 40 hours on. 8 tries, still no go.

  2. Oh, there’s a patch available. Maybe that will do the trick. Install patch.

  3. Several more tries…nothing.

  4. Re-boot…maybe that will do it.

  5. Nope.

  6. Hooray, it opened! I made several changes and exported a mix. Unfortunately I thought I was done with the project, and closed it. Oops, there’s somehow 6 seconds of dead air at the end. Gotta do another mixdown.

  7. ~27 more tries. Nothing.

  8. Start Cubase, create an empty project, and try opening my project from there. Nope. Cubase told me there’s a serious error and to save the project under another name, but when I try to save it won’t let me. No response.

  9. Start Cubase, walk away and take a shower. Then try opening project. Nope.

  10. Restrain self from throwing cup of coffee at screen.

It’s a good thing I don’t have paying clients. How’s YOUR day going?

My day - open Cubase Project. Do some work. Except for the first day I’ve only had one crash in weeks. Sorry you’ve had issues. Now if my left monitor would stop cutting out I’d be worry free :slight_smile:

Problem solved. It was a Melodyne issue. I had to update from Melodyne Editor 2 to Editor 4.

Now my project opens, and faster than ever.

My faith in Cubase is restored.

Good to hear.