My cubase 11 is jumping a lot on play back. What do i do?

Cubase jumping on play back

Why are you telling this? Is the neighbour downstairs complaining? :stuck_out_tongue:
Leaving the joke aside, I don’t think you’re giving enough information. Can you please post a screenshot of your project?

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Your request has nothing to do with play back skipping in cubase 11…
How do you not understand…lmao… Stay away not sure who you are…

The answer above was because your description doesn’t give anywhere near enough information. Do you mean it keeps jumping forward in time? Do you mean the sound is breaking up? Are you on Mac or pc? What is the spec of your computer? What audio interface are you using? What buffer size are you using on your audio interface and have you tried increasing it. Has it ever worked ok? Can you attach an example?

I figured it out, some how the file i was working with ended up corrupted, so i had to back track to a earlier mix. By the way you my friend are way too complicated in your line of questions, good thing for me i do not need you… But thanks…

How would anyone have a clue from what you put? There was not enough information for anyone to answer meaningfully

People here are trying to help you, no need to be crass or disrespectful. What these guys asked you was correct. Nothing to do with overcomplication, people here are not mind readers and don’t have to help you either, they do it voluntarily.

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You can just keep to your self… Keep things simple. You have no idea what disrespect is…

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You’ll be surprised…I will do what I like. All the best.

I also have been inclined to blame Cubase or the people on the forum for the issues I stumbled upon or for weird responses. Every chance I got, I blamed somebody else… Even if somebody deserves it (that is, putting the blame on him/her), it’s not worth the time. Sorry again I offended you. All I was trying to do was give you specific help… The problem could’ve been an active arranger track…

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