My cubase 11 not not working too good with msi gaming laptop

i just got a msi i7 steeles version and downloaded cubase but i dont see the input output time record control room etc externally\only internally i see the input output wen i go to studio.can some one help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is a known and already reported issue. These fields show only of you open an older project.

thank you.but am also having glitches like wen i hover over something something else show uo too,wen i load a 3rd part plugin like studio rack the music play but the running vertical line stops and its takes a while for the plugin to show up.i also pull up a plugin called mic mod by antares nd wen i close it the entire cubase project shut down and i got to start my project all over again…using windows 11,msi gaming lap top steel series