My Cubase 5 had access to Halion but my Cubase 9 does not. Help!

HI folks!

I had Cubase 5 donated to me years ago by followers of my music and they sent me Halion (whichever number it was at the time, I don’t remember) and I was always able to use it with Cubase 5. I have long since lost the C.D. with the software on it, however. The Steinberg account I currently have dates back to the time I had access to Halion, though. Now I have purchased Cubase 9 (which I use frequently) but have no Halion, of any kind. Is there any way I can re-access the Cubase 5 equivalent version of Halion to use on Cubase 9? I legally owned it but have no software C.D.s etc. for it. Any help would be much appreciated as I o not have, at the moment, money to buy the new Halion and I was quite happy with the old one I was using. Cheers!