My cubase 5 wont start up *stuck loading a vst*

Hey all, ahhh i just formatted my computer upgraded from vista to windows 7 64 bit and re-installed cubase 5… i had backed up all of my vst’s and now when i put it into the cubase vst plugins folder like i normally would cubase fails to get passed the loading screen… i can get into cubase normally with out the vsts in the folder any idea?
Thanks in advance

some vst-plugins need full installation, not just the vst’s (e.g. all haxed & 3rd party plugins with copy-protection).
Backuping the vst hasn’t been enough, you probably need to install some of them completely via installer.

Try to remove all 3rd party plugins and then add one by one (or two by two) to see which ones make problems…

thankyou for help, though no luck… i had saved the installation folders of the vsts, installed them then transfered to the cubase folder, im starting to think that maybe all my vsts are 32 bit and wont work in 64 bit cubase

that off course is much more probable… didn’t notice that with the migration you aso made an environment change… as far as I know (what’s not too much about 32/64 bits OS) is that off course if you installed the plugs in a 32 bit env. then off course you won’t be able to use them under 64 bits (may be different files…)

But I really recommend you not to blame all plugins but to check one by one if it works or not. May win you some time to not to have to reinstall all plugs…

But additionally I insist:

For some vst’s a simple backup of the vst-files and the install folder is not enough, as e.g. for most commercial products the software needs also registry-entries & stuff like that. Try to reinstall those plugs from scratch via installer!

Did you trash Prefs? Put the .dlls in another folder in the Steinberg program folder called My Plugs and after opening Cubase go Devices-Plugin Info-VST 2.x Paths and point to the folder. Restart Cubase and see what happens.

Thanks mashedmitten that worked and thank you for your input erdwandler, mmmm now i got the 32 bit vsts on 64 bit cubase problem, time to make a new thread