My Cubase 7 Hardcopy manuals arrived!

my Cubase 7 hardcopy manuals arrived today! woo hoo!

no thanks to Steinberg. When you want something done these days you seem to always need to do it yourself. :smiley:


May I ask where you bought these?

it was down a long, dark alley…it was raining and the puddles were glistening in the street night lights… and there were mystical chimes clanging in the air and lots of dark figures speaking unknown languages, where this old man with no teeth produced these from inside a suitcase

hehe actually i got my local printer to make them up from the pdf files…cost me like $40 bucks total for both books. They said 600 pages was too big for one book so they split it in half

well worth doing. your local Kinkos can do it im sure!

Hahaha thats what I thought, Looks great! $40,- is a great price, I tried to do it where I live and the cheapest price, was $120 so, back to the pdf for me…


u gotta make sure they print on A5 not A4 and both sides of the paper and it will cost you a lot less…and be a lott smaller!

and i designed the covers myself and gave it to them on a PDF. otherwise it woulda cost close to double…they hate having to load up photoshop hehe

What printing place did you go to? Was it like a Kinkos or Staples? And and chance you can send over that design so i can try and get one done for myself? hehehe…

Blackout, until they discover your source you might have the demand for a nice small business going as the “middle man”…at least until someone else does it cheaper.

Have you ever inquired about a quantity discount with your source?

Also, did you check if this would be less expensive in a spiral format? Some of these books printed have very poor backing and when you try to open the manual to stay open it can wear out the backing easily.

Anyway, for the price this is interesting.

Not to mention how cool ‘spiral bound’ manuals are!! I guess I to will have to see what’s available locally, I sure miss having a printed manual (in addition to the .pdf).

@Blackout… I’m guessing your manuals are B&W or were you able to get them in color?

manuals are full color! it was just a local printing shop around the corner from me. a Mom and Pop printing shop.

spiral is not an option. Spiral only works for smaller lots of pages. each of these books are over 300 pages each.

plus it looks more like a “real” book to be properly bound like these are done if you ask me.

Honestly its a disgrace that Steinberg do not supply these. I was gutted when i opened the giant Cubase 7 box to find it largely empty after such an expensive price.

as much as it makes me angry that they are not prepared to make these, i cant be seen selling them as its not my copyright and im sure it would probably lead to me being banned from here at the least. so go to your local printing store and knock up your own!


The thing is, I don’t know of any mom and pop shop that comes anywhere close to $40 for color.

I have looked locally and on line. How is the book binding? Is the quality like any normal book?

Care to reveal your source? Perhaps the printer would accept pdfs via email, then print and ship?

RIP a tree. :frowning:

I’m not trying to me a smartass but why do you need printed manuals? I’m just curious.

We have things called “Tablets” these days. I have one. It was quite cheap. It’s a bit like a book. Only much better because it doesn’t take up as much room as a load of printed books.


If you’re looking for something specific, pdf’s are great.

If you’re trying to learn and need to flip back and forth, nothing beats a book.

Not trying to be a smart ass perhaps, but definitely being condescending.

Yeah, I have a tablet too. Great for surfing the web.

Sucks x 10e9 for trying to learn an incredibly deep digital audio program like Cubase.

I want one too :slight_smile:

A pdf is only good for searching. For reading it sucks, even on a tablet.

You enjoy your “tablet.”

I will enjoy my book.

I never understand why others feel its so necessary to suggest what is best for myself.

I also love having printed manuals.

I find being able to open an actual book while drinking a cup of coffee is much more comfortable than using my ipad.

That said, I also think its probably because of habit rather than what’s actually the best/most productive.

Searching for a particular thing in printed form can often be a pain, sure the index can guide you to the right area sometimes but not always.

Once you get used to searching PDF files, bing able to add notes etc, for me, they end up far more useful.

I printed out the manuals for my Korg Triton Extreme synth and found that once I’d had the synth for a few weeks, I hardly ever used them.

But for me, the biggest thing against printed manuals is with the Internet, we now have constant updates often meaning by the time I’ve printed a manual out, the software is updated and the manual with it.

I have a Korg Kronos, there’s been numerous software updates for it and the manuals currently on version 5, often people ask questions on the Korg forum and are told to see page xyz on the manual, they come back and say there’s nothing about it mentioned on that page, it turns out they have the older manual, they download the newer one and all is fine.

So while I agree with the OP that its nice to have a printed manual, I do think it makes sense for companies now to include PDF versions instead of printed ones that would cost a lot both in trees and money to produce and would often be out of date within weeks and many users wouldn’t touch preferring to search PDF ones online instead.

RIP many trees.

Luckily, the OP’s choice of tree-deli could most certainly certify that they were all bred in captivity in an FDA-compliant tree farm (rotated every decade). The trees felt no pain as they became timbers and eventually pulp for paper product; they were killed as cleanly and humanely as possible with garrote wires, spiked gnashers, and giant spinning blades.

They’re also kosher, if you’re worried about that.

I agree that printed manuals shouldn’t be produced by default with a product, although I also agree with Blackout’s disappointment when not getting them.

However, I think Steinberg are missing a trick, it’s easy enough to get them printed by places like and in fact I’ve seen people selling printouts of commercial PDFs (until they get reported by the copyright holder). But if Steinberg made the latest PDF officially available via there, it would make sense. It wouldn’t be cheap (although cheaper than blackout’s cost, I think, but only for B/W interior), but would mean someone who actually wants a manual could get it. Plus it means no extra logistics for them, lulu take care of all that.

FTR, ProTools manual was about 500 pages and spiral-bound.