My Cubase 7 upgrade options ??

Hi everyone

I’ve resisted upgrading my version of Cubase 7 as I was happy with it. However, I would now like to upgrade but not to the most recent version. A few of the features in v7.5 are all I need. I’d be willing to upgrade to 8 at the very most. However I can’t seem to find out how or if it’s even possible. Online I can’t find the upgrade anywhere to buy and Steinbergs website just points me to the most recent verison 9, which isn’t what I want.

Is my only option to upgrade to the latest from v7 or nothing at all? If so, this is very disappointing as I don’t need all the latest features, just a handful that are offered in 7.5.

btw I contacted Steinberg a few days ago but am yet to hear anything so was wondering if any of you guys might have the info I need.


You need to buy C 9, but can run C7.5 with that license.

Which is pointless because the later versions are a straight upgrade over 7 and 7.5 anyway.

Thanks guys, at least now I know.

For the time being at least, I’l stick with 7.