my cubase 8 can't dectect Microphone

Hi to all of you,
Posting here is my last hope so hopefully someone gonna see that post :smiley:

On the very beginning to set up the microphone I did Device > Device Setup > VST audio system and select Asio4All v2 - also I putted the same mono in - so I was able to record vocals I realised that is not my external microphone connected but the microphone in the laptop because there was many ‘shhhshhh’’ on the records

So then I updated the drivers for my sound card Creative Sound Blaster and I changed on F4 VST to Sound Blaster and now the issue is that the Cubase 8 can’t see the microphone and I can’t set up Sound Blaster as inputs

I attached some photos, please advise
Many thanks

Now I changed for VST Asio4all v2 and it says this: ( see attachements)

and this one as well