My Cubase 9.5 LE license disappeared, help!


I installed Cubase 9.5 LE on my computer less that 1 year ago. I was using it from time to time without any problem until today.
When I want to launch Cubase, a pop-up windows says “No valid licence found. The program will quit now.” And I have two buttons “Cancel” or “Start license activation”.
So I checked my eLicenser and the list of my licenses is empty… I launched a maintenance and updated the eLicencer but still nothing…
Then I login to my account and noticed that my Cubase 9.5 LE is “deactivate”. So I choose to re-activate it but now it is asking a “NEW soft-elicencer” that I can get with my eLicenser. But my eLicenser is blank and can’t give me any number…

Do I am missing something? Do I have any chance to use my license like before? It is not suppose to disappear like that right?

Thank in advance.


Hi and welcome,

Try to start eLCC as administrator and trigger Maintenance here.

If it doesn’t work, in case of licenses issue the best is to get in touch with the official Steinberg support.

Hi Martin.Jirsak

Thanks a lot for your reply.
First of all, I remembered that I was running Cubase 10 AI and not 9.5 LE. Sorry for the confusion.
I tried to launch eLicenser as administrator and did a maintenance but nothing changed.
Then I decided to re-register my audio interface (Steinberg UR22 MkII) with the download code. I got a new license number and entered it to eLicenser but it doesn’t give me any license available…
As you suggested to me, I contacted the official Steinberg support of my country (Japan/Yamaha). I am still waiting for a reply.
Thanks again!



I expect, you got Download Access Code. Did you use it in your MySteinberg account to get an Activation Code? Did you use the Activation Code in the eLCC application? Any message appeared?

Can you see a Soft-eLicenser Number in your eLCC?