My Cubase A1 12 & A1 11 hangs on first run only


  1. Cubase A1 11 and 12, hangs/ freezes on first attempt of reloading.
  2. I will use the task manager in windows 10 to close the program.
  3. On my second attempt all is doing well and i can work with no problem.
  4. After sometime, If i close the program and open it again, all is well, no problem.
  5. But if i had to restart my computer, or turn in off and power again, the same problems occurs again.

What could be the cause why A1 11 and 12 keeps freezing on first attempt only?

i had cubase elements 10.5 installed and had been working with this version for years.


Does Cubase create freezedmp file by any chance?

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.

Hi there,

This is how it looks like on first attempt, it just stay freeze

and this after closing A1 11 with task manager and second attempt

after clicking okay, the hub is loading

and finally a new project template

i only use few vst, only Sampletank 4 and kontakt 6 with few libraries are installed, plus T-racks 5 and Mixbox


Generate a DMP file and share it via Dropbox or similar service, please.

Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

  1. Please download ProcDump64 from Microsoft (~650kB) and extract the archive to a local folder on your harddisk.

  2. Run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator (right click and select “run as administrator”)

  3. Navigate (in the Command Prompt) to the folder with the extracted procdump file.
    For example:
    cd C:\ Users \ \ Downloads \ Procdump
    Note: the dmp file will be written into that folder.

  4. Launch Cubase/Nuendo. You can work as usual. At any time, change to the command prompt and start procdump, to monitor Cubase/Nuendo for unexpected behavior (see next step).

  5. Launch procdump64 via Command Prompt:
    Cubase 12:
    procdump64 -e -h -t Cubase12

Nuendo 11:
procdump64 -e -h -t Nuendo11

The -h option will write a dmp file in case of an application hang. This might kick in too early sometimes, in case some action takes a little longer. Feel free to skip the “-h” option, if you are only up for fetching crashes.
The option -e will catch exeptions and the option -t terminations of the application.

  1. Prodump is now monitoring the Cubase/Nuendo process and will write a crash log, in case Cubase/Nuendo crashes or hangs. Perform the action that causes Cubase/Nuendo to crash and send us the generated crash dmp.

ZIP and share the DMP file via Dropbox or similar service, please.


The problem was solved, it was my midi controller that is preventing cubase A1 11 to load properly. So what i do is to first open Cubase A1 and connect the midi controller afterwards.

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