My cubase AI 10 is not shown on steinberg my products page

I purchased the UR22Mk2 a few days ago and registered the product on the homepage. Then I typed “download access code” and downloaded cubase ai 10 and installed it normally.

However, we reinstalled Windows 10 because of UR22mk2’s sound cutting problem. After reinstalling Windows I downloaded and installed cubase ai again, and I found it necessary to reactivation. But I can not do “reactication” because the cubase ai item is not visible on my product page.

Of course, if you re-enter your “Download access code”, the same “Activation Code” will be issued. And when I enter that code in the “eLicenser Center”, I get an error message. “The activation code has been already already …”

How can I succeed in “reactivating”?

( I’m sorry I’m not accustomed to English.)

HI and welcome,

The best would be, if you could somehow register your old Soft-eLiceser. Get in touch with local Steinbeg support to help you. On the public forum, we cannot solve a license issues.

Thanks for your reply.