My cubase crashes when i open a project

First the specs of my workstation:
32gb ddr4 3600mhz
Ryzen 9 3900x
RTX 3070
cubase is on a 1tb m2 ssd

here the situation:
I had to re set up my workstation, means that this thing is completely clean, just cubase and other components that i am working with. before the re set up my projects were fine,but cubase was on an older version
11.0.10 or something, im not 100% sure. now i have the newest version but when i try to open my projects that i was working on they crash.
here is my last dump file:
Cubase 64bit 2021.12.29 (630.3 KB)

does anyone have a solution for this problem ? :confused:

The crash is in Auto-Tune Artist.

I use WinDbg, you can use it too, Download Debugging Tools for Windows - WinDbg - Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

ExceptionAddress: 00007ff8ec201670 (Auto_Tune_Artist+0x0000000000241670)

okay so how do i solve the problem ? do i need to download the win debug ?

It doesn’t fix anything, it just tells you what caused the crash. Now you know it was that plugin, and not caused by Cubase itself.

okay but i cant remove the plugin from the project when i cant open the project :confused:

Look up Cubase Safe Start Mode.

it seems like, that it even crashes in safe mode. i ticked the middle radiobutton when i started cubase in that grey window that tells that it crashed last time.

Don’t you want to disable 3rd party plugins? Please name the button you ticked. In whatever language. I have not memorized the interface,

okay i took the Autotune artist plugin an kopied it to the desktop, then i deleted the version in the vst folder, the project does start now, i removed autotune from the project but now there is a new problem… cubase tells me that it cant create an audio file when i click on a track. but in and output is correct and cubase is started with admin