My Cubase does not work at 96KHz with Fast Track Pro. Why?

I explain the problem (I try):

Using Cubase 7 on Macbook Pro I7 quad core.
The sound card is an M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB.
The project settings are 96Khz 32Bit.

I set only one output (stereo) on sound card, so I can work at 96KHz.
The problem is that Cubase does not play any sound! See the photos.
The loaded track is 32 bit 96khz. Other projects to 48Khz work perfectly.
I did a test with Logic Pro and everything works, so it is a problem in Cubase.

Can you help?
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It certainly does work at 96kHz. I use 96kHz as default, am working at that sample rate right now, and don’t have a problem.

Asio driver issue?

Thanks for the reply!
Use the latest driver available for the Fast Track Pro.
The same sound card on Windows 7 worked perfectly, but now, on mac, will not play audio over 48khz…

Cubase works perfectly at 96khz.

It seems that the Fast Track Pro has a number of limitations. It should be powered from an external supply, not through usb. Also it cannot play back at 96khz and record at the same time. In any case it can only tackle one stereo output at 96khz so make sure you disable all outputs except for two. Frankly, it doesn’t deserve the “pro” label.


The fast track pro was (and still is) my first sound card. For now, I do not need to register, and so for now I’ll settle for this. The next expense will be for the Monitor KRK, and only then to a sound card…

Going back to my question, why cubase on my sound card does not work at 96khz? With Cubase on Windows 7 worked, I tried it on mac with Logic Pro and Ableton and I had no problems at 96KHz.
I’ll do the test with a power supply, even if it seems strange …

Ps. I only have a stereo output active. (See photo)
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Wondering what the Fast Track Pro folks have to say about all this.

Did you contact them?


mmm…and monster beats for studio headphones? :wink:

I have not yet contacted the m-audio because the card has always worked to 96khz when I used on Windows. On Mac, however, I can work up to 48 kHz with Cubase. As with Logic and Ableton (always Mac) operates up to 96KHz.
Add, with the sound card INTEGRATED Macbook I can work up to 96KHz.
I think maybe it’s the configuration of cubase wrong (but which?)?.
Need a dedicated ASIO driver? Or something else?

Now I tried it with a power supply for the Fast Track Pro, but I have not had any results…

mmm…and monster beats for studio headphones?

Monster Beat? I believe in Bose! :laughing:
No no … Maximum Akg! The classic K141. But for now I can not afford other expenses. :unamused: