my cubase is empty : (

Hello Everyone! :slight_smile:

Im writing to You in desperate need of help.
First I bought the UR242 few weeks ago, and it came back straight to the service, because it didn’t work at all. Now I got it back with a new usb cable, and the unit finally seems to behave itself (congrats Steinberg - you know what they say about first impressions).

Yesterday I installed and registered cubase AI, but it seems to be empty. A few times at the beginning I received an information that some files are missing. I don’t see any groove agent and halion presets, no loops, etc. When I search for HSSE files in win explorer I find them only in downloads folder (“VST sound” to be exact which is circa 15gb). Should I copy it somewhere else? Or better do a reinstallation?

I read a few threads here, and there, but nothing helps. Cubase records and plays back what Ive recorded with my good old sy99 synthesizer, and I see in Halion that my midi keyboard is also working, if that’s of any help.
I know it’s Christmas time, and you propably have much better things to do, so thank you in advance for any hints.
Michal, Poland