My cubase LE AL elements 7 license problem

Guys, im not sure where to place this post, but i have this big problem.

last year, i bought myself a scarlet 2i2 pack and downloaded cubase LE AI elements 7 and everything worked fine. i had the full license and everything.

Until the hardrive of my laptop broke. I had to replace my hardrive with another one because i had no other choice.
and so i tried to download the whole thing again. everything went smoothly until i went to the elicenser part. My code was new, and it doesnt have the full version. only trial, and when i try to look for a code, it only shows the codes for Cubase 6 and lower, and when i used my old activation code for cubase 7, it says that it can only be used once.
I have been told that i must transfer the contents of my old elicenser to the new one by reactivating it, but the only elicenser on the list on mysteinberg account was the new one, i dont see my old elicenser anymore. Ive also heard that each elicenser is bound to the hardrive, but my old hardrive (with the old full version license) cannot be accessed anymore cause its broken. is there another way for this to work? like a new access code?

sorry for my bad english. im also very bad at explaining, but if you have stuff that you dont understand, please feel free to ask me and i will try to explain.