My Cubase license was gone !!!

I try to upgrade my cubsae pro 10.5 to 11
I enter the key at download assistant , then fail at eLicenser control center .
aftet that , my origianl cubase pro 10.5 license was gone …
I cannot work now …
how to get back my license fast ?

It happened to me too! Try using the Maintenance feature in eLicenser. I got it back even though i received several error messages.

effin joke… steinberg need to address their software protection. its utter crap… quick to take my money tho… if they insist on a hardware dongle then they should invest on improving the activation servers… what a joke… aslo anothder winge… still no loop/clip based creation tool for putting ideas together…come on steinberg… get with the times.

My license is gone, too. Dissapeared from the usb stick. Too bad, Steinberg. I will want to be refunded for my troubles!!!

Mine is gone too.
I need to work, Steinberg!!
I’m gonna miss deadlines, this is not acceptable!