My Cubase Pro 9 template controlled with Metagrid

I just recently made a tutorial video on my 2300 track Cubase template that uses Metagrid and two iPads to control it. Thought I’d share a link to it here in case anyone is interested. It’s just of an hour in length so best to get a Coffee or beer and hopefully it helps someone. If so hit subscribe and get in touch if you have any questions. I might have forgotten a few things as there is a lot to go over in it! :slight_smile:


Looks great. I have been using Lemur for a long time but I like this better for certain things. Just getting into it. Seems very time consuming just to conceptually design the pages. Any tips on building from scratch or is there a better template jumping off point then the included one for Cubase?

Most interesting and useful video, thanks for sharing, Jono.

Interesting! Using it here, too. Could you not just use track versions to achieve your MIDI dump routines? Unless I’ve missed something, it does exactly what you need.

1+ my studio bakes me nice n crispy mate