My cubase randomly crashing

I was using Cubase 12 and ive updated it last week to 13. its was randomly crashing and still it is. im suspecting its Kontakt, but its not crashing all the time. specially on export. but sometimes not. ive couldnt understand anything from ips file. im copying it here. please help me i have lot of projects to finish this month. Heres my ips file

Cubase 13-2023-12-28-174232.ips (122.5 KB)


Please, make sure you have the latest NI Kontakt update installed.

Many random crashes here too. I didn’t notice previously that Cubase reported that Amplitube (latest version) caused previous crashes so I removed it but just had another random crash waking up from sleep and Cubase reported that Cubase generated the error.

Any ideas?
Cubase (58.4 KB)

its updated

I hade the same problem yesterday, 10 houer with 2 mixes, and cubase crached like 12 times. And loss some time on that. Im lucka that i make backup projekts time to time. And save in pool. I send some error reportage to steinberg yesterday. The was a windows update and a asus bios and me update some days ago, i hade put the DDR on XMP tweeked. And when i went in to reset bios, it was gone and disabled. So i thing the problem is hardware and maby some fine tuning on the nodes P and E cores in the cpu, and the auto optimicern that asus have now from the latest hardware update. Will have bios on defuault and only damp on. To se if it optimice faster and better. And cubase worked beter to. Have some heavy mixing with izotope stuff. Bit dane that new black C13 compressor. It sound better then izotope and everythingells. Dame. Have it on al my track no its like silk and perfectly perfect comp to make everything stable ans silk and sounds lovely. The agen steinberg :slight_smile: