My cubase version too often crashes!!

I have a 32bit trialversion of cubase6 and have permanently system crashes, when i want to use it. Could it be the reason , that it is the trial version or is this a problem that cubase 6 always has ? Please give me your experiences! :question:

If you’re running on Xp that could be the probelm…need to switch to 64bit - windows 7…no matter what anyone says C6 isnt really friendly with xp

C6 and XP aren’t enemies either! I’ve been running on XP for some time now with few complaints(in fact fewer that some W7 users). You may have to go hunting round for Netframes(which is a hassle) but if cost or equipment is an issue(I love my Midex8), XP is a viable option.

There seems to be issues with C6 duplicated on both systems so don’t expect W7 to be nirvana.

I used C6 on the exact same system with XP and Windows 7. Maybe despite the fact I have an older PC, C6 ran better/more fluent under XP then 7.
C6 crashing under XP isn’t normal behavior, they can get along very well. So I think your problem is hard- or software related.

I myself, was gonna upgrade to W7 next monday because C6 was giving me some crashes which before i never experienced on C5 - like using Camel Phat (maybe i need to download the latest version of CP)

But - now hearing these thoughts from you guys i might reconsider in sticking with XP as i firstly intended because after some tweaking and optimization i must say that its running quite smooth.

Though thought that W7 would handle it better…don’t really know!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, they have released Win7 compatible Midex8 drivers.

Just a heads up.

I think it depends on your needs and system. If you have a have a rather new system i7 or i5 based with above 3GB ram, and you work with memory hungry VST(i)'s, I would definitely consider upgrading to W7 64bit to benefit. W7 is a great OS when dropping all the bells and whistles.
When you have an older system and you don’t have any memory issues and are not planning to reinstall the OS for other reasons then CB6, I would reconsider to stick with XP as long as it works.

Fact remains, official CB6 support is only for W7, so when you heavily depend on CB6 professionally, W7 is always the right choice!

Hello donald’s return,

Could you post your system specs like niles does in your signature to try to find out what the problem cause could be? :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve already downloaded the driver. Now it’s a case of “if it ain’t broke…” But it’s on my hard drive waiting for C7 which will probably not mix with WP. :wink: