My Cubase wish list.

Okay, my first Cubase experiences go back to the early 1990s, the days of midi-only Cubase on my Mac LC2, synced to my Fostex R8 recorder. Pretty cool setup, had to waste a track for time code though, but it worked great.

I stayed with Cubase until VST 32…this was when, in my opinion, it was great to use. With the Cubase versions beyond VST 32, some good things took place, but some irritating changes were made that I believe could be improved upon by looking back.

Cubase 6. What I wish were in Cubase 6:

  1. Audio recorded automatically in parts. This was done back in VST 32 and 24. So simple. One audio part on a part line that when clicked, could be edited or even recorded on another lane below the existing audio. How simple !! Then, when on the main paste board the part could be moved at will. I understand that audio can always be converted to part, then dissolved? But why? Audio parts make it easy to manipulate in instances of radio commercial recording when placing thing around existing soundtracks and music beds, to get everything manipulated to fit into a 30 or 60 second format.

  2. Automation on top of the audio, instead of under it. Recording 24 tracks and wishing to look at the volume for everything…boom…now you have to look at 48 strips of information, instead of just 24.

  3. Clicking open and close of all the boxes, just to get to the plug in. Why cant ONE plug in box be open at a time, then if a track or mixer channel is clicked, the open plug in box would follow whatever track is clicked or highlighted. Would be so much more efficient for screen real estate. Instead, how it is now, if I want to see a dynamics insert on a track, I have to click the first box, click the second box and then it STAYS ON TOP OF THE PASTEBOARD until it is clicked closed. Why can’t the pasteboard be brought to the front when clicked and the plug in box go behind, open, ready to be selected again by looking under open windows…why must it always stay on top?

  4. A consolidated style window, with the mixer board always visible and on the bottom of the screen, open or closed at will.

I try to use Cubase. I miss it. I like a lot about it, but because of these irritating issues, I reach for Studio One 2, or Digital Performer, even though I am making mp3s, I do all the mix work in the other programs and bring it back to Cubase to convert to the final mp3 for my website, as the mp3 Conversion that Steinberg has is superior to anything I have found. I can make the smallest mp3 files, that sound the best. I’ve tried Digital Performer, Logic Pro, Studio One 2 and Steinberg’s system for making mp3 files is still KING.

Okay, let’s get Cubase up to speed on some of these other really simple convenience things and then I could use it for everything. Until then…well, it will be a two-step process for me.

My wish list…


#3 and #4 would be great. In addition, I’d love to see:

The ability to swing the grid of an entire project and exclude certain tracks as needed. This is possible within a single part right now as of 6.x but Steinberg could take it a step further.

The option to have the same mixer and plugin inspector that is visible in the arrange window on the side of any editor window, Audio or MIDI.

Self explanatory.

In addition to the current group and folder tracks, Auto-Group tracks would work the way they do in Ableton Live 8. Grouping automatically routes single tracks to the group master and optionally lets them inherit the group’s colour.

Single function to bounce an Instrument Track (pre or post mixer channel) to an audio channel. The new audio channel would replace the existing Instrument Track but maintain all of the channel settings and routing. Alternatively, the ability to do the same but have the audio channel added in addition to the Instrument Track. No more real-time bouncing via routing or bouncing down an export to be reimported without any of the channel settings.

I support your request, although I don’t really understand what you mean with 1. I never used VST32 or earlier mind :wink:

I used CubaseVST and one of the greatest improvements with SX1 was: Audio events were not anymore tied to parts! So I’m ABSOLUTELY AGAINST #1.

So, you mean, if I have a analyzer plugin in my master buss and I want to touch EQ in some channel to correct an anomaly I’ve seen in analyzer, my analyzer has to go away to access the EQ. No thank you!

I like to arrange my windows the way I want. Don’t want the applictaion to decide their positions.

This should be an preference. Do I want a box “pinned” open, or do I want a box to follow whatever channel I might have clicked on.

Believe me…audio in parts was much easier to work with than audio on the track, in open lanes. With audio automatically created in parts, open a part, find a mistake, punch in over the mistake, you get a new lane inside the part, or as many lanes as you need.

And, when you move need to move the audio on the track, all the punch-ins and overdubs move with it, in one neat little box. Perfect. I have had too many instances of trying to move the audio with the open lane concept (the way it is now) and if you don’t have every punch selected in every place, and try to move the package…you could end up with a lot of punch ins out of sync with where they need to be.

Believe me…give me the automatically created parts any day of the week over the open lane concept, as it is now.
VST 32 had a lot going for it…

Can we please see the automation events as an option to be “ON TOP” of the audio information. I’m tired of having double lanes open for everything I need to mix. One to display the audio and an automation lane under it.

It’s not the matter of believing or not. I HATED audio tied into parts. I used CoolEdit Pro for audio-only projects during Cubase VST-era just because in Cubase I had this unneccessary part-thing between me and my audio clips.

Great observations.
I made a list way back when VST32 was discontinued which has many of the same suggestions. Maybe I’ll come back later and repost it for fun.
In all fairness, Steinberg did make a lot of improvements very quickly after SX was introduced. It was a new paradigm in music creation software - very similar to the struggle that Apple is having right now with FCPX.

All that said.
Audio recording as PARTS is a feature that many people can’t comprehend because it was so unique to steinberg. It’s one of the features that makes CB superior to the competitors and one of the few remaining features that hasn’t been imitated by Digidesign (Avid) and other competitors.


I’m not going to List all the reasons right now (a few have been mentioned already).
Midi is always created in a part so just the argument for continuity should be enough.

Oh! and I want my effects rack back too.
Creating faux groups with fx inserted on them is something that I’ve always hated and never gotten used to ever since SX.
Put the FX rack back - when you add a plug to the rack an FX return is added to the mixer with all the bells n whistles of the faux group … Badabing badaboom.



Finally, finally someone who understands where I am coming from.

After VST 32 was discontinued and SX became the norm, I gave up on Cubase. I missed my audio parts so terribly bad, plus other frustrations…I baled and started using Digital Performer. Wow, was that a change.

Few things about performer I liked, but again, no audio parts. Why can’t those in control see how beautiful this was back in the VST 32 day? It was SO SO SIMPLE. They had to go and make it complicated. Using lanes, if you patch in something, you had better make sure that you grab everything or anything you move will be out of sync with where you put it. It leads to a big mess. I did a lot of radio spots with Cubase VST 32, and the audio part deal was fantastic. I took out a lot of breaths, mouth noise, etc and especially when recording business owners doing their own spots, I constantly had to edit and patch words. Again, the parts (which contained the lanes) was perfect. Open the part, fix audio in any way needed, close the part, move it anywhere on the track necessary to fit in the music bed or sound effects tracks. EVERY THING STAYED IN THE PART, and if any quick edits needed to happen…open the part, do the quick edit and everything is there inside the part ready to be moved at will. This is true comping…everything visible and the bottom lane was the part that played. How simple !!

Why can’t the powers-that-be understand this? Simple, and a better way of doing things.

I purchased LOGIC this past summer. Some good features, but no PITCH CORRECTION BUILT INTO THE SOFTWARE. Come on, Apple. This is becoming industry standard. Okay, back to DP and Cubase, both of which frustrate me.

I have been using Studio One 2 here lately alot. But again, no automatic audio parts. Been Cubase user since 1991 on mac. I long for those good old days…

Okay, rant over. Thanks for understanding enough to post !!!


Indeed a swing button with some useful swing presets like guru or mpc would be a hit!!!

BTW - You do know that you can still create Parts after the fact. I have a custom keystroke set up.
Or, just use the glue tool.


PS - Looks like this thread has been repurposed for the Music Lounge.
Reason…? Unknown…

I was also some who always had parts+regions set. I miss it as well. But, I am used to the current way. And, I can convert to parts via macro, so it isn’t that big a loss. Just saying, I liked it as the default.

Two things I still miss in Cubase and they are so simple and usefull:

  • Region based automation. Logic, Ableton Live, Reason has this great feature
  • One click loop (Ctrl+K is not a convinient way to do it, just one button like its done in Logic when you press L button)

Doesn’t hitting ‘p’ loop the selected part(s)?

I was talking about looping events through project (Ctrl+K/Cmd+K)

Oh I see, sorry :sunglasses: