My Cubase wont connect to my soundcard

when i go to Studio setup to switch my ASIO driver to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO it says ''The device could not be opened
please help me I’m stuck

You are probably going to need to describe your configuration in a bit more detail before anyone can help. What is your Audio Interface? Is that the driver for the interface?

My Audio interface is UR44
Yes the Driver for my interface is Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO

2 questions:

  • Are you using the latest driver?
  • Is there any other application (running in Windows) that could be using your device and have a ‘lock’ on it?

yes i am
I don’t know
How can I find out if there it any

Go to your Sound Settings (right click on the speaker icon in the toolbar, or choose from the control panel) and see if you can assign the UR44 to be the default audio device:

It is already the default audio device!

ok good. So you can play music, Spotify, etc, or generally hear audio from your computer through your interface?