My cubase12 activated device on a corrupted SSD

Very unfortunate news, my SSD suddenly corrupted but my activated device is still on it, when I replaced the SSD and reinstalled my system, I found that Steinberg Activation Manager needs to be reactivated and tied to two devices, is there a way to reset the activated device? If there is a staf that can solve it please PM me, this is very important to me, thanks!
(At the same time I have the same problem with my other software, I need to deal with the aftermarket one by one, it’s a really troublesome situation)

All of these types of questions are answered in one place.
New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg >

If you change the hardware in your computer significantly, it may appear to the licensing system that you are running on an entirely new computer […]
In that case, you may have to contact Steinberg support to deactivate the license on the “old” computer.

Thank you ! Should I contact to STEINBERG DIRECT DISTRIBUTION or someone else? But My Cubase 12 is upgraded from C11

I guess whatever the Support page at the SB website says, as it depends on location.