my dearest tube compressor

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This I already mentioned in the section on issues , but as I see it may not be a mistake I mention here. :sunglasses:

Well, the thing is, before " Steinberg " fix the problem that had their compressors (vintage and tube RIO-7429) , the “output” button of the tube compressor worked as such. As general volume button . Now works as “Make- up” button and only reacts with the compressed signal , ie the “mix” button to 0 has no output volume.

If this is not a mistake … not be better : :bulb:

1 º . - The “output” button works as the name implies, as general output volume of the signal both dry, wet and / or the mix ?

2nd . - Having two buttons, one "make -up " for wet signal and another "output " to the general output ?

The reason for this is, that in very many tasks, is practically unusable parallel compression with this compressor , because the sum of the two signals is too high. Yes , I can lower the input gain inserting another plugin before or lowering the gain in the same channel. Even I can do the same by sending the signal to a group (which is what I do now ) or use other plugins ( included free ) with that two " buttons " … but … Is it not ironic?

No one think about this? Am I wrong? Have I missed something? Steinberg?

By the way, talking about ​​tube compressor, when I compress a signal and modifying the attack occurs something strange in the signal, cant describe exactly the problem. It is as if there is an “auto gain” that reduces the volume with slow attacks. Not a nasty effect might even say that I like, but sometimes it baffles me.
Is this a feature? Is it only happens to me?

I tried to talk about this several times, and never has been an answer …

up there!

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