my dongle broke

my dongle broke, how do I replace it

If the link doesn’t work, type the word “dongle” in the search field of the knowledge base. It’s towards the bottom third of the list of topics.

Went to that article but did not see how to replace the dongle. Searched for broken dongle and did not get a response. The dongle is for cubase 5

OK, sorry, when I started reading it I thought it would deliver the goods.

I remember there have been other similar posts on this forum, maybe a search there might answer. In the meantime, off the top of my head and until someone else answers maybe with something better, maybe the following would work:

  1. Buy a new dongle
  2. Go to the eLicenser control center (that one is searchable for in the knowledge base, I know that from personal experience), and download the licenses you’ve registered to the new dongle.

The same way you replace anything else that gets broken: You buy a new one…
The question is just, if it´s only physically broken, but the licenses on it still readable, or if it stopped working, and no licenses are readable anymore.

I had a dongle break. I bought a new one and sent in a support request form to Steinberg. They will want you to return the broken one and then they will isssue a new activation code. You can only use any activation code once.

For example i bought Cubase 6 in Turkey but i live in Ukraine … if i’ll go to DISTRIBUTOR in Ukraine,will they l support me and giving a new activiation code ? i have broken dongle and it doesnt show license .