My Dorice License Can't Drag to USB Licenser

Hello Steinberg

Yesterday I was Bought Dorico Full License in Best Service

After i received The License

I Cannot Drag Dorico License to my USB Licenser

i Have 2 USB Licenser :
a. USB Licenser Contain License ; Cubase Pro 9 , Wavelab Pro 9, reFX Nexus 2 , Vienna Ensemble 6

b. USB Licenser Contain License ; Vienna Ensemble 6

Can You Help Me To Fix This Problem

Best Regards

It should be really as easy as dragging the license from the Soft-eLicenser to the wanted USB-eLicenser. The only thing is, you need to have an internet connection during this process, because the eLicenser Control Center needs access to the Steinberg server in order to actually process the transfer.

Have you already activated your Dorico license and is it on the Soft-eLicenser? What kind of error message do you get?
Please explain in a little more detail what you have done so far and what is going wrong.

You also need to make sure that no application that uses either the Soft- or USB-eLicenser, e.g. Dorico, or Vienna Ensemble, or Cubase, or WaveLab, is running at the time you attempt to move the license to your USB-eLicenser.