My Dorico wishlist (in haphazard order)

  1. Ability to rotate frames and the content within those frames. This is more for graphic frames than for music frames, although I could see applications for music frames as well. In my context, i have a few graphic frames that i’ve “filled” with a solid black PNG and I’d like to be able to make some of those lines diagonal. Creating a diagonal line PNG is not practical because of the rules that dictate Dorico’s resizing of graphic frame manipulation (meaning that if i have multiple diagonal lines, different angles will end up creating different thicknesses and that’s not what i want).

  2. Ability for a music frame’s drop-down options to still display if the music frame box is smaller than what’s needed for those drop-down options.

  3. An easier way to move frames around than grabbing the box edges. Maybe if a frame is selected, a small dragg-able circle appears in the middle of the frame (or outside of the frame for smaller frames).

  4. Ability to remove rests in percussion kits.

  5. Ability to create a non-percussion staff with zero staff lines.

  6. Ability to create custom “snap-to” grid lines both vertically and horizontally for the purposes of a) ensuring that manually manipulated items in “engrave mode” are aligned together if desired, and b) ensuring that manually manipulated frame edges are aligned together if needed.

  7. Ability to copy/paste a graphic frame.

  8. An option toggle that grants ability to turn off visual frame “borders” when dragging or resizing for the purpose of ensuring proper visual alignment. Ideally grabbing a single handle or frame edge would turn off all visual borders or give the option toggle the choice between ‘all’ versus ‘just what’s being dragged’.

  9. Ability to display elapsed duration of a selected portion of a flow.

  10. Ability to display elapsed duration of the beginning of the flow to currently selected note.

    Keep up the good work, Dorico team. I love the program, hence why i’m being picky about it.


  1. Maybe not exactly what you want, but you can copy between pages by selecting the frame, right-clicking the page number in the right hand panel, and selecting “Copy selected frames to selected pages”

+1 for 9, 10

ahh wasn’t aware of that. Thanks.

#6> Until you get snap-to grid lines, you can align edges using the numerical coordinates in the frame’s properties panel.

Thanks for these suggestions. A few of them seem like disguised requests for other features (e.g. #1, #5) but I think I have a feel for what you’re asking for in any case.