My download access code for Cubase AI doesn't work.

Hello, forum! Please help me. :slight_smile:
I just purchased a Steinberg UR12 from a music store in my city. In the box with the audio interface, I found a sheet with download access code for Cubase AI. I enter this code in MySteinberg (Register Hurdare) and… error. I enter it correctly, but It doesn’t work. :0

Error text: We cannot associate this Download Access Code with a product. Please contact support.

P. S.
I also have a disk labelled Tools for UR12. What’s on it? I don’t have a disk drive. Can I download what is written to disk from the Internet?


I’m sorry, we cannot help with the licenses issues here on the user forum. Get in contact with your local Steinberg distributor/technical support.

You can download the latest TOOLS from Steinberg web page, where you get the very latest version.