my dream cubase

Hi all,

I’m using protools 11hd and cubase pro (8), my system is a hdx-2, symphony 16x16, avid 16x16 (2) … in conclusion I have 48 out and 48 in, connected to an Ssl 8000 gb …so its a power system dsp in protools 11 and many externals hardwares…

I’m really tired of avid and its “support” of their expensive upgrade and its “technological progress” (hd to hdx upgrade, bounce offline, 64 bit, delay compentation, etc ) . I want to start working in all my projects using cubase that sounds better (I dont have doubt of it)…and also no thinking in the midi. Finally, I believe that the most important think its that sound better.

Now talking about cubase: I think its lack of dedicate hardware is its achilles heel. For example, I desire to have all these quantities of outputs and inputs with a dedicated hardware steinberg with their own dsp. In which I can can choose converters as symphony or lynx etc … I have seen the UR824 and I think it is on track but I want its interfece would be thunderbolt or pcie and that also function as a vst receptor (Muse Research) many inputs and outputs EBU or MADI without latency (record) than for a professional studio is very important and also that worked in sidechain (many dsp or cards at the same time) …

Probably this will only stay on a wish but if I were an steinberg engineer, I asking me, why protools is using in the mayority of the studios pro if not works and sounds better than cubase or nuendo?

Yamaha Nuage maybee?

Yes, agreed.

Which is why when Yamaha bought Steinberg the Heavens opened up and the Angels sang for me.

I have been in the Studio/Audio business exclusively for over 30 years (I was 2 when I started :confused: ) and watched “The Industry Standard” grow.
My well supported theory is that this was because - while other extremely capable DAWs pursued the “Native” route - DD went with dedicated hardware. And in the earlier days of computers that was the only way to achieve a Rock Solid High Performance Multi-Track recording/editing solution. It was expensive but that really isn’t an issue for a commercial studio that requires that kind of performance.

This gave them a massive head start in the Professional world even as they began to lag behind in some features.

Now it’s really a matter of number of Installations, as you no doubt know.
With a PT Session you can go anywhere. And you usually HAVE to have a PT session to go anywhere.
I use PT9 almost exclusively to convert for clients.

Catching up to PT will not be an easy task.
Steinberg/Yamaha of course need to build better and more capable hardware - and continue to grow Nuendo.

But I think another issue is compatibility.
Making it so Studios can install a Nuendo rig and not have to throw out their PT gear.
I think AVID knows in their corporate heart that their continued dominance depends on lack of compatibility (why I stay away from EUCON) and it’s obvious with their various products they protect that.
It’s the only thing, at this point, that keeps then “The Industry Standard” (sooo tired of that phrase).


I think not being chained to dedicated hardware is a blessing and very happy that I am able to pick and choose any I/O I want. There are no shortage of options and many that some feel blow away PT hardware.