My dream for MIDI REMOTE in C12

OK let’s have a dream for a few minutes.
FWIW this is what I (and hopefully a lot of Cubase users) would like to have either (preferable) using the new MIDI Remote GUI, or using API javascript. Please upvote this to show that I’m not the only one… :wink:

Clean and simple definition:

  • MCU-compatible (like the legacy Mackie Control device in Cubase Studio Setup) page to handle most-used common features (not possible to do this right now with current API)
  • possibility to define pages/subpages to control (and display for supporting control surfaces) VSTi parameters with user-defined 8-parameter banks

I started something like that using Max, and it looked promising (see my video on the topic), but then I (stupidly) thought it would be worth it to invest time to learn the Midi Remote API and use it.
To finally find out it was way more difficult (no good documentation nor complete examples), and even impossible (due to the lack of methods for certain features)…

Steinberg have a proper interface for remote controllers. It is used in products like nuendo. I think that had been a lot better starting point than midi stuff from 1984.


What do you mean, please?

There is the SDK that is used for products like from Nektar and Frontier Tranzport and many other, the one that Steinberg provides. EuCon MCU Nuage etc. That is giving a lot more access. I guess that it is C++ och C and a lot harder to use though. But I general they are bidirectional.


The SDK is not for Nuendo only. It’s both, Cubase and Nuendo. The MIDI Remote is the same bidirectional, as SDK. Just some parts, which have been implemented in the SDK have not been implemented in the MIDI Remote, yet.

The goal of the MIDI Remote is to offer all users (without programming knowledge) possibility to configure own controller.

Then the goal need to fixed. The goal should be that everything in the DAW should be available for remote controls. And the limitation make “configure own controller.” is totally bogus. What about controllers that is not based on midi?