My dream is to assign the INTENSITY to the Expression CC

Hello! First, sorry for my english. I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I hope I’ll write enough good my message so it can be understood well.

First, I have to tell you that I’ve contacted with a manufacturer from Hungary, in eBay, that make footswitches to control guitar effect modules (via program changes), BUT HE WILL MAKE ME A CUSTOM ONE that will send MIDI NOTES (exactly the ones I’ll tell him), so I will be able to activate the pads of Groove Agent in jam mode, and practically have a drummer under my feet while I play the bass, the guitar, the keyboard or any instrument!

I will buy the metallic12 button version (he has 8 button and a plastic and affordable 6 button, too), so I will have, for example, 2 intros, 4 main parts, 4 fills and 2 endings, all under my feet!

He don’t pay me hahaha… I only tell you this because I’m excited about the idea and wanted to share it. Anyone who want to know which is the product and manufacturer, I will tell you here.

And here is my question: that footswitch also has a midi expression input to connect an expression pedal (intented to change the expression parameter “CC11” of a guitar effects module). But…

Could I use it to change in real time the INTENSITY parameter of the two-vector screen in Groove Agent (intensity&complexity)? (Now I think it would be also interesting to be able to modify in real time the complexity parameter). But my main dream is to modify the INTENSITY of the drummer with my feet. This, in combination with the control of the parts of the song, would be a very dynamic and liveful way of playing with a virtual drummer in real time.

I don’t know deeply the Groove Agent software, sorry. Maybe it’s easy to assign any CC (control change) to the Y (INTENSITY) and/or the X (complexity) of that square in the edit page. But I’ve right-clicked to that point and no contextual menu has appeared.

Does somebody know if this can be done? Can the intensity parameter be remotely controled, specially by the CC 11 (midi expression control change)? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your answers (and for having read so long post :smiley:

Enric (Henry in catalan).

Hi Enric,

Your plan sounds great! There are just two things you need to do:

  1. Right click on the small orange triangle in the Complexity/Intensity xy matrix and select “learn MIDI CC”

  2. Record a video with you jamming along Groove Agent and your new custom foot controller and sent it over!

Yes, yes…!

@Enric - oh my goodness me, would love to see a video too please, when you get to it…! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think, this means you will be having a lot of fun this Christmas…! :mrgreen:


I’ve been trying to do the same with SP jazz Drums Library
by default, HiHat open-close is controlled by CC1 Modulation wheel . The manual says , it’s possible to reassign it to CC4 to control that function.
I was wondering if I could control it with my Expression Pedal CC11 . So I can use both hands to play drums on my keyboard and hihat open-close function with the Expression Pedal. I haven’t been able to figure that out.
Do you guys have any Idea?
Any help is appreciated.