My edit window is looooooooooooong

Hey everyone!
just updated to 7.5, but i cant use the edit window!!! it has made itself ridiculously long and off screen, and it wont let me resize it! I’ve tried everything! Updated my graphics driver, dragging it, using the windows menu… Im at a loss!
any help would be rewarded with good vibes :slight_smile:

Two things. What do you mean by “Edit Window” (Project window? Midi editor Window)?
And what do you mean by “Long”. Vertical or horizontal?
If horizontal try your Project setup/length under the Project menu. Make sure the length isn’t about three days long or whatever.
My guess is corrupt Cubase install. Try installing again.

Hello chap

The same thing happened to me when updating from Cubase 7.02 to 7.03…but a fresh install sorted it out. now I upgraded to 7.5 and guess what it happened channel settings window…(the button “E” on the channel) has gone off the screen :cry:

I have tried 3 fresh installs of Cubase 7 then update to 7.5 but it made no difference still channel settings window off the screen, so not happy at all, I bet there is a little file corrupt somewhere… :question:

I did think about diving into the registry and removing everything Cubase 7.5 but I am not 100% sure about that. a bit of a grey area :nerd:

did u get any luck sorting it ?

cheers Gspot247

Ok I sorted it…don’t know whether u have ??

I uninstalled Cubase everything 7 and 7.5, removed any preferences…at…C drive/users/ur name/app data/roaming/Steinberg then deleted anything Cubase 7 or 7.5. also deleted anything I could find in program files 86 relating to Cubase 7 or 7.5

installed Cubase 7 from disc then the 7.5 it took a while to scan as a new install and hey presto opened up a new project or old one and the channel settings window is the usual size and not off the screen :laughing:

There must of been something hiding in the preferences but this sorted it for me…hope this helps :laughing:

Same thing happened to me with MixConsole on 7.0.6. Ended up using Mixer 2.