My Elgato stream deck stopped working with WL 11.2

It works fine with WL10 and WL12. Any ideas on how to fix it? Is there some preference file I have to toss? It had been working fine up until this week. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This must be external to WaveLab, because WaveLab does not ship with Elgato Stream Deck support or driver.

THANKS!!! I will look elsewhere. Funny that it works in WL10 and WL12 but not in WL11.

I finally fixed this problem using this software. Ashampoo® UnInstaller FREE - Overview - Ashampoo® . It uninstalls everything associated with WL11.2 and when I reinstalled WL 11.2 the Elgato worked the way it was suppose to. There was something that was corrupted in one of the files associated with WL11.2. that the normal Microsoft uninstaller missed. Anyway thanks for all the help…

PS it also cured a couple of other problems with WL11.2 and the mouse…