My elicencer died. The MySteinberg page doesn't work. Help!


Yesterday out of the blue my new (one month old) elicencer died. I had my cubase pro 8.5 licence on it and also a Nuendo 4 + NEK licence that i transfered to it the day before (Stupid clean-up move from my part i guess).

(I tried the elicencer in several computers. The LED flashes but it doesn’t get recognised in the elicencer control centre or by Cubase. My old elicencer key still works but has no software activations…)

I cant log on to the MySteinberg page. Tried to get a new password (which works) but the page won’t let me log in.

I will try to call support as soon as they open. But I’m swamped with work and will have to buy a new licence if this takes more than a day…

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.


MySteinberg website is working for me.

Did you tried to log in using a different internet browser?

Try another browser. I have no end of trouble using safari. In fact I just can’t connect to the licensing site using it!

Servers are down for maintenance… It’s on the news page.

Tha’s for tomorrow. I was able to do a maintenance routine in the elc just now.

Oops… Apologies. Scanned it too quickly!

Thanks all!

Login worked later yesterday and i got the zero downtime licence working for now.

Now just waiting for a reply and solution from support.

Best regards/johannes