My eLicenser Problems

Hi all,
I’ve just bought Cubase Elements 11 and am having real issues being able to fire it up and get working.
I’ve downloaded the download manager and eLicense Control Centre and all the other stuff it wants you to download, including the Cubase 11.0.30 update. Signed up to MySteinberg and all that. I’ve got my d/l access code and my licence code showing there.

Now when I try and open the program to actually use it…nothing happens. Just a blue loading circle for a bit then nothing.

“oh right, I have to use the eLicenser, the thing they said they were abandoning this year”
So i open that up, and nothing, it’s greyed out, all of it. Just a message in the corner saying “reading elicences” but does nothing else for ages, then a window pops up with this message:
“Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error: Could not connect POS.”

I’ve been waiting a week for Steinberg support to get back to me with any meaningful help so I’m hoping one of you good folks can advise me better/quicker.
I shouldn’t have to do this dance for something I’ve already paid for, it seems ridiculous. Please help :slight_smile:

Is your Windows up to date?

there’s some updates that popped up today but it’s been like this since I got it a week ago, well before these updates appeared

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