My elicenses are all gone after running elicenser software

I am building a new system and all of my licenses disappeared when the elicenser software did “Maintenance” I got into Mysteinberg and I have all of the licenses saved there. Now I just need to know how to get them back on my USB elicenser without using my Zero Downtime.


Do you mean Soft- or USB-licenses?

USB Licenses. I sent a technical support request but response time is 24-48 hours. I would like to be ready for sessions today if possible. My Zero Downtime option is not available on Mysteinberg. I just have the licenses listed without the little lifeboat innertube icon to initiate a Zero Downtime.

The Steinberg support team can read the whole USB-eLicenser history. So it will be OK, I believe.

I don’t doubt that it can be straightened out, now that I found my licences in the Mysteinberg account. I just wonder how long it will take. I’m turning away sessions and I can’t even say how long until I’m up and running again. I am looking for a way to do it on my own and I don’t have a Zero Downtime option for some reason.

I found this in the knowledge base in the MySupport page of the Mysteinberg account and it just says to contact Technical support. I know it’s a long shot but I’m just looking for a way.

WHOOAA!! I moved the usb dongle to a rear usb plug and the licenses are back! The knowledge base says something about not having enough power from some usb busses.