My experiences!

So… Im using Cubase daily, many hours!

Its a fine program but…

#1 Video engine is living its own life, if it even works, i.e when exporting Audio for video, I´ve made the music etc and then click the video track and hit P for the exact cursor, export the audio and then take replace audio in video file, and the sync is completely off! Why?

#2 Today, in Win7, Cubase just disappeard, no blue screen, nothing, just faded away and vanished!

#3 Set timecode to cursor still doesnt work properly, and when using the SMPTE vst generator, and when looping in cubase the smpte generator stutters and gives faulty info!

#4 When recording in cubase6, after some sessions, some recorded material turns up as blank waveforms and no audio material is heard, when trying to playback the audiofiles in i.e Mediaplayer its not recognised! I´ve checked the disks and there is nothing wrong!

#5 Dont think this is a bug but, after tagging a bunch of REX files in mediabay and updated, all tags disappeared, why is this? If I save the mediabay file, it still cant resolve this!

#6 Let say you have auto save on 5 min, in some crashes the backups is erased aswell, you`re not able to go back to the last saved file, its not there! Seems like they go down in the crash aswell?

#7 Maybe not a bug, but when recording with lanes in C6, if you try to open these in C5, Cubase gives you a message of corrupted files, but they are not, it just lays on top of each other in one track!

I´ll probably fill this post in as time goes by if anyone is interested, brb…

System specs. Version. OS. You’ve just given a pageful of nothing to go on. Get it fixed without wasting too much of YOUR precious time. Anyone here who can help you needs much more details.

I dont know the exact stuff inside the computer, its a dual core at 3.33 ghz, 6 gb memory, a nvidia graphic card and ASUS motherboard!
Windows 7 64 bit, but running cubase 6.0.2 32 bit!

Sounds like you need to defrag your drives at least and update your eLCC.
If your drives have been badly fragmented you may need to reinstall Cubase. (not a big job)

ps: if you don’t know what’s going on under the hood of your computer then if we can’t help here you may have to contact a computer tech local to you to fix things. Cubase is a BIG program and severely tests most of the components in your computer. Your computer needs to be in very good condition.

conman said

If your drives have been badly fragmented you may need to reinstall Cubase. (not a big job)

Conman, you are full of sh*t and disinformation. I don’t think you are a musician, you’re certainly not a computer or Cubase support specialist. You seem to know Cubase like a rabid atheist knows the Bible.

Get back to your rubberized drums and leave genuine Cubase users and their problems with other genuine Cubase users. You are a problem and have been for many years.

And I don’t need to comment on others or insult them. I comment on the thread, not on the posters. If you disagree with me say why. Don’t pointlessly hijack the thread to feebly insult me like a lovesick schoolkid.
I at least have some advice for the poster while you just troll around after me. You have nothing.
Enjoy it while you can. :mrgreen:
If you have any advice for the poster give it. I may not agree but I won’t insult you.

PS: Correctamundo! I am a rabid atheist BECAUSE I know the bible. Top of the class in RE for many years. :smiling_imp:

pps: Please read the froum rules.

Dude probably not a hard drive problem. More info would be helpful but I understand that when crashes happen its hard to get info. How many bak files is your system set 2 keep? You must have a lot of Bak files if you have things set to 5min. What plugs/Vsti are you running when crashes happen are they bridged? Are you in 64bit? If so are what are you using to bridge (is it cubase or jBridge) Sounds like you are doing a lot of video work, does it happen mostly while processing video? Do you know how to get sys specs or do you need help getting them to share w/us? What kind of interfaces are you using?

Just to eliminate the other comment on defrag (which shouldn’t cause any of issues you have discussed) here is link on how to in win 7 Windows help & learning
We all crash and often need to reboot :slight_smile:

Another problem today, cubase decided to scan the all the plugins today,why? well…

I had added a part on a E:/ drive for some plugins, these was for some reason not scanned, when I finaly got into cubase, it had erased that path by itself, now tell me this is why MY SYSTEM did this I dont beleive that!

…and for the record

Chris you close threads were people are having problem!

Are you suggesting people to upgrade to 6.04? Its not officially supported but still you refering to this has been sorted in in 6.04, and it seems you´re not allowed to ask further if you´re not running your hotfix, thats why you close threads, is 6.04 supported or NOT? if its not supported stop closing threads

I think there’s so much going on here that even if someone did have a solution to your problems (although defragging or a fresh install generally never hurts), they wouldn’t know where to start. I’d take these one at a time here and see if you can’t expand in more detail.

It seems to me a lot of your problems were experienced by many people with the version you’re using. Is there any reason you have installed the latest pre update?

Aloha and +1.
‘Take the Long Way home’ —supertramp

I would start with a basic ‘vanilla’ system.
Stock OS and stock Cubase only.
No 3rd party stuff at all.

Once you are up and running properly, add your 3rd party stuff
(hardware and software) one bit at a time.

This can/will be time consuming but you will learn every
twist,turn and bump in your particular road.


#6 Let say you have auto save on 5 min, in some crashes the backups is erased aswell, you`re not able to go back to the last saved file, its not there! Seems like they go down in the crash aswell?

I’ve not tested this on Cb6, but Cb5 will delete the .bak files if you don’t save the project!! Now, this may be fair enough if all’s going well and you don’t want the project, but if you’re faced with the ‘Project is Corrupted, Cannot Save’ dialog then make darn sure you copy the .bak files before ‘exiting without saving’ otherwise they’ll get deleted. Been caught by this one a few times now :open_mouth:

You might be able to use a program like Recuva to get back the deleted files form disk. Been there done that too!

My experience with Cubase and video has also never been smooth, I kind of cross my fingers and try to be nice to the system. I don’t load it too much, I reboot regularly, I try to avoid flipping around the project wildly…

Finally, if you can provide a simple repeatable method of showing these problems then we’ll test it out for you and then Steinberg hopefully will fix it.


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