My findings with the C13 install ( hope this helps someone )

As a few of you know i had to go down the worst case scenario route due to two factors :
An issue with the C13 Update install
An issue with Acustica Audio over sampling issue so here’s what ive done to get a VERY ULTRA stable C13 .

I’ve completely had the i9 rebuilt ( out of my own choice i must add) to give the New generation of Cubase the best start possible .

*Completely optimised the bios with help from a very experienced computer expert .

  • Complete pro install on win 10’s

  • Made sure every single driver known to man was up to date

  • Optimised windows to the max ( i will add a complete guide at some point here )

  • Only installing the needed programs to test this new build

  • Tweaked the Nvidia GPu as advised by Steinberg staff on this forum

  • Installed the Full Cubase 13 installer ,not the update

Almost all GUI glitches have completely gone but more importantly The horrendous spiking from the Asio meter is now completely resolved , there’s still a couple of behaviours that Steinberg’s well aware of BUT going down this route has meant a very very stable C13 , one task I’ve always had issues with was setting up external fx and rendering tracks via the external inserts (hardware )… Not even a grumble and for some strange reason i never even felt the need to save after every render just in case of a sudden quit , im pretty impressed .

So my point here is not so much about having to go down a complete new windows install route , that was my choice partially due to changing processors once i realised there was issues with C13 , but to high light that i think trying a complete new install of C13 while any other previous versions of Cubase’s Preferences are disabled from being transferred to C13 May weald great results

Being a cocky cockney i love shouting and winding situations up BUT im pretty sure you will see some or if not ,a major improvement with a complete fresh C13 install , not an update . It’s worked wonders here , still things to check but …There is light at the end of the tunnel depending on your path .

Should we have to go down this path every release … NO but if you want ultra stable then , it’s the only way forward IMO

Didn’t work for me.

Although my path earlier this week was a fresh cb13 install on a clean win11 23h2 install w suggested sb nvidia settings. Plus, my system is an i7…so diff from yours.

For me, the problems are still gui glitches. cb12 is fine of course.

And what’s more strange…Nuendo 13.0.10 doesn’t glitch at all on my system …only Cubase 13.0.10.

There simply isn’t one reliable set of workarounds that work for everyone.

You’re right , Hence MAY work , at least going down the New C13 install route you are ruling out possible conflicted with previous versions

Hi Highly,

I will add my findings.
Windows 10 pro does not install all the drivers for my hardware.
Windows 11 pro does, so I did not need to install other drivers for mainboard, graphic card, audio card, etc. Only used the drivers Windows 11 pro installed!
My intel i13900k works great, no tweaking.

I made a clean install on my system drive, new partition and formatting.
After that I disabled blue tooth and wifi and set windows to Best Performance.
Clean Cubase 13 pro install and run as administrator. So far so good!!!

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Not an option for me to re-install everything but can you please share which guide you followed to optimize Nvidia GPu?