My First Album

Hello there,

Here is my first solo album called Yaun.

It is an instrumental album. I played the flutes and hope you love it.

I listened to the first track and when I get more time will definitely go further. Very impressive sound from the flute and your cinematic accompaniment is a real pleasure to listen to. Thank you for sharing.


Wow thank you for listening and for sharing your insights! I would love to know what you feel about the other tracks. May God bless you Jonathan.

Your album is nice. Gosh! Where did you learn to play the Flute?
Really wonderful.

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

I am learning from my teacher and teachers. Actually I tend to learn from everyone. I hope I am not sounding ridiculous. :joy:

However, if you are talking about the place, in that case, Bangladesh.

The album is fantastic. And the flute you play sounds so sweet and beautiful.

Keep it up.

Thank you so much dear. May God bless you. :purple_heart: