My first C6 Project :)

My first C6 Project

Hi there people :slight_smile:

Ok it is not entirely finished but it is getting there. I consider it about 70% done at this point.
Norwegian pop/rock with verses in 5/8 and choruses in 4/4… anybody of you up for having a listen to something like this, hehe?

This is a track from my former vocalist Håkons upcoming cd.
It’s his song and my arr.
It’s called “Heksedans” or “witch dance” in English and you can get it here:

This was fun to do because of the odd beats here and there.
Since it is going to be released on cd, I’d love some pointers on the mix.
Bd too high or low, bass guitar too prominent, too much high end etc…
It is supposed to be traditionally mixed IOW like a 5 piece band in a studio, not too many frills just good sound and performances.

Main vocals have no autotune things whatsoever, the backing vocals has some mild auto tune here and there. All vocals by Håkon, the rest by me.
Mic was ADK Hamburg. Eq and comp were Sonalksis, reverb: Redline reverb
All vocals were done in approx 1.5 hours.
Guitars were the new C6 amp thing from Steiny. The 50w plexi used for overdrive and the vox emu for the clean parts

Acoustic guitar intro thing: Håkons Seagull acoustic guitar plugged in and run through 2 fabfilters in series followed by Waves supertap 2 to make it less like a normal ac guitar LOL

Bass: Amplitube 2

Keys: Halionsonic SE

Drums: Superior Drummer Avatar kit + some stylus rmx loops
90% programmed by me
Pre mastering: Waves and PsP plugins

Oh I almost forgot…
My Klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers broke down some weeks ago so I have bought new monitoring equipment.
Nothing fancy but very much better especially in the mid tone area. More revealing so to speak, hehe
The new gear:

Argon Subwoofwer:

Mordaunt Short 10i speakers:

Denon Stereo Amp:

Hope it reflects in the production :wink:

Please lend an ear and let us know how the song sounds this far.

All the best, Kim & Håkon :slight_smile:

To the mods:
Sorry, I forgot that there is a separate “made with Cubase” now.
Can you please move it for me?

Thank you, Kim

Hi Kim

Well Well Well … my advice is that Håkon should scrap all the other tracks I’ve heard, and rebuild his album using this track as his foundation. To recompose his album and to do so with the energy he’s using in this track. The others are lalala elevator music compared with this one. This one is GOOD. He is no longer ‘just another good singer’, his ‘purity’ and ‘emotionality’ are coming through in balance, here. His lightness is not sacrificing the darkness.

When we chat, I’ll have a few questions about the mix, but here, I’ll just say well done him, and well done you.

All the best

Nice song. Good playing by you as usual. I didn’t see a “download” option, so I had to listen in lousy 128kps streaming from bandcamp – when it’s finished I look forward to listening in full wav or flac versions

My only production nitpick at this point is, during the 5/8 measures I can’t hear the hi-hat which would provide some rhythmic context (although I bet $$$ that in the wav version, as well as over your monitors, you can hear the hat just fine. So it might be yet another mp3 thing)

Really good tune, well done all around.

Hi Kim …n :open_mouth:
Totally unexpected side of you…
Wont…cannot say anything about it…right now…
I’m definitly surprised…
Videobackground is great… :sunglasses:

Great job. It’s a great mix. Excellent work on the drum programming. I’m happy to hear that you can get such a great sound out of the Cubase amp sim, and well played, as always with you.

Great stuff Kim

Can’t fault the song. Can’t fault the mix. Can’t fault the production.

yes there’s a “but”…

The overall EQ is bass light. It’s making my full range Genelecs sound like tiny speakers.

Well, to repeat what I’ve already said to you on Skype, Kim, the time signature change isn’t even noticeable.

This is the sign of great composition.

I think I am mostly done now, thank you guys for the tips so far, it meant the going from 80 to 110 %, you guys are great! :slight_smile:

The reason I can’t give you downloads is because it is not my song; I am merely the producer and player.

There is a lot of new stuff on the song now including more and better choir, beefier general mix and more guitar fills.
There is also some b3 like organ on the part preceding the main lead now,
Again: all “synths” here is halionsonic SE

To Glyn:
Thank you! I agree with you to the fullest extent. But then there is always the time perspective. Cheers friend

To Doug (twilightsong):
Thank you for listening. The hihat and perc is there on the 5/8 parts too, but perhaps too low in the mix on the version I posted, I hope it is rectified now. Play loud :slight_smile:

Thank you man, thank you
To Zap Axe/Steve Fogal:
Thank you, I know you come from more or less the same as me when it comes to music give or take a few years so if you like the production etc of this song I must have done something right :mrgreen:

To Rotschman:
I’ve always done a lot of different things musically.
This is not my song, just my mix, playing and arr. But thank you for listening.

To early21:
Thank you, I’ve always been one of the few that did not particularly like all these new drum midi libraries. Call me a macho but I actually like to make the grooves myself. Haha :smiley:

To Paul Woodlock:
Thank you!!
I have redone much of the mix now, and I do see your points here.
I should be beefier now
To Lord Snarebottom:
Thank you for that observation, you are the man.

The new version (that I think is pretty close to how good I can get it) is called
“Heksedans rc 02 C6 more bass” and you can get it here:

If it was my own song I would have given it to you as a wav for free, but I can’t do that with this one.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile: