My first cd as a producer is out :)

Hello people just wanted to share this.
My good friend and former band mate Håkon Sandmark is releasing his first solo cd this week in Norway.
And guess who arranged, played, mixed and premastered it all?
Håkon sings, the rest is me, hehe :mrgreen:

If you want to check it out the link to his page is:
Click on “utgivelser” to check out 3 of the songs from the cd in pretty good mp3.

All recording was done on Cubase 4,5 & 6

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Hullo Kim - This sounds awesome! I’m listening on crappy little computer speakers with a sub … and it sounds full, balanced, and nicely dynamic’d.

Can’t wait to hear on “good speakers” … but you sure did a great job of making sure it translates well to the smaller ones!

Congrats - wonderful job!!

P.S. Nice playing too!

Hi Kim - just took a listen; even on my average (Labtec) comp speakers, sounds like a really great job - clear and defined mix, well balanced… and yes, well played…!


Listened last night, really good job on this!

Haha, frogging awesome! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Congrats, you millionaire now? :sunglasses:

No … he’s a producer now! :confused:


I’ll bet yer mom didn’t even find that funny. :unamused:


but you did … :wink:

Shut up, granny! :imp:


Are we off topic enough now? :blush:

Sounds very good to me. :smiley:

Congrats, Kim! (and you too, Bredo) :sunglasses:

Thank you all.

I am not rich at all as it is now. But I hope this release can can get other artists to want to come to my so called C6 studio place.
Up til now I have charged 2000 nok per song with everything included. After this cd I hope to drive the price up to 3000 nok per song.
NOT because I am greedy but because no one can live off 100 nok per hour here anymore.
(The client always say it will take 10 hours maximum and it invariably ends up taking at least 20 hours! hehe)
That is how it is LOL

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

I now have 2 cd’s out as a producer :mrgreen:

To check the second one go here:!/458115798

The Band is called “Rebel Gel” and it is 80’s hard rock.
On this I play bass, sing backing vocals, program the drums and most of the synths. I also did the odd guitar bits here and there.
Andras (their guitarist) used my guitar and gear on the whole cd though so it might sound as if I am playing most of the guitar too, hehe
I also mixed and pre mastered it all.

All the best, Kim