My first Cubase production

Hi all,

I set up my own home studio and bought cubase 5 last year… and after a few months getting to know the software I have finished my first production called “NYC Tonight”

I would love for you to have a listen using the following link:

Thanks and enjoy

yeh good stuff , when the singer started i thought he was robbie williams ,great voice and nice song ,good job with the instruments and the drum programs and the mixing.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated and yes you’re not the first to say he reminds you of Robbie…

Thanks again

Hi Marc,

I did enjoy the song. The vocals are where they should be in the mix, and the mix sounds full and well composed. I myself have been struggling with Cubase for awhile, learning it and picking up mixing skills on this forum, and writing new material and applying that which I have learned. I’m sure you have spent considerable time with this.

You didn’t ask for criticism, so I would make a simple suggestion. If anything, this could stand a little “air”. It needs to breathe a little. I would check EQ on each track and maybe back off a bit on some of the low-mid frequencies that are unnecessary. There are some good posts on this forum detailing proper EQ adjustments. Use the search tool.

Great song. Post some more.


Cool, the piano, acoustic guitar and drums sound a little to artificial or lifeless here, what did you use?

what type of monitors do you use, i used to use just normal stereo speakers which were a bit too bass and high end heavy ,consequently my mixes sounded flat and lifeless when played on other systems ( some people say they still do ). i bought some Spirit Absolute 2 speakers which are supposedly flat responce and a creek amp which has no tone controlls , i can tell the difference now when i mix my stuff then play it on other systems the tones are much fuller (i hope).

It also reminded me of Robbie Williams. :slight_smile:
Nice song, well performed.

It’s a good first production, Marc. Keep producing! :sunglasses:


Man, WTF is going on here at the new cubase forum? I mean, I’m hearing great song after great song… formerly there used to be a fair amount of dross among the nuggets

This is freakin excellent. I love the warmth of the recording, very “tape” like. Very detailed production. As others have said, excellent vocal (I also thought of Robbie when I first heard it – nothing wrong with that)

I am no going to listen again…

Thanks very much for all the feedback, really pleased that others are enjoying the song :slight_smile:

As for my monitors, im currently on set of Event PS5 monitors, bought years ago, but defo planning to update soon to the HS80m’s I think.

Im always learning everyday so I hope that furture productions keep getting better (and I’ll test that with you guys).

As for piano, guitar and drums… I played the piano on my keystation, maybe I needed to ease off the quantise if it sounds a little too in time and unatural…??

I recorded the acoustic in a treated room, mic’d with a Rode NT set between the neck and body… but the acoustic was heavily compressed with a bit of a slower attack, because I wanted the pick noise to be quite prominent in the mix…

The drums are all played in on the keystation then the sounds are from BFD2, I played a basic beat then added fills etc after… again maybe there a little too in time… so ill take all that on board for my current projects.

Feel free to have another listen, and again thanks & enjoy :slight_smile:

great song and great vocal. well written piece. I like the way the bass waited to give the song an opening up kind of feel.
nicely done

Interesting alright. New forum and all of sudden a new bunch of good quality productions - many from guys I haven’t seen or heard before.

And yeah… love the Robbie Williams-like vocal, and a song that could just as easily be one of his too. Nice. Can’t really say much about the mix on these headphones but it does sound warmer, if not a tadd on the dull side in fact - certainly compared some other tracks I’ve just been listening to. AND it could be that those other tunes were a tad on the bright side? It’s all relative I guess!

Anyway… nice one! Really good song, well sung! :sunglasses:

Heh, heh. Scared the dross away, I suppose. “Bring out your dross! Bring out your dross!!”

Anyway, back on topic…

Well thanks for all the feedback, much apreciated.

Nearly finished recording my second production… will share once mixed.


Your vocalist could make a bomb in a robbie tribute band.

Congrats on the first track, sounds miles better than mine haha

Thanks man, il pass on the message to the singer… think its the fact that its a ballad and the slight stoke accent thats done it…

Nice piece of work, I like the track. Nice tune, good sound. Comments I 'd offer would be…

The tune opens with what sounds like a kind of muffled kick drum underneath. Soundwise, it’s kind of dead and metronomic…not sure it add’s anything and I wonder if it’s really needed there? There’s enough rythmic elements there to keep the intro moving without it.

Someone else mentioned the string sound, the part works well but the sound could be better (it sounds like synth strings…maybe some good sampled strings with a big emphasis on dynamics…?

Again, good tune, well done.

Thanks for the feedback…

the kick at the beginning is kind of a heart beat style sound… the song is about a guy who is struggling to cope given that he is miles apart from his girl… and the heart beat sound was trying to create an image of him deep in thought, missing her…

The string sounds are all from halion in cubase 5 with one or 2 expression maps in places… I tried the trial of symphonic orchestra that came with C5 but had real issues with it… crashed on most occasions so i went back to Halion…

Again, cheers for the comments

well keep posting when this is your first cubase job, nice things will happen! :smiley:
Like the song it is well produced, has a pro touch to it. Enjoyed listening to it.

Very good…

well done :slight_smile: !

Thanks for all the feedback… more coming shortly, just not enough hours in the day!!