My first Cubase production

a Very good song and production, looking forward to hearing your next song!
Nice one!


Very very nice I’ll have to give a listen in the studio tomorrow. I don’t know Robby Williams but I hear a shade of Elton John too.

sounds great :smiley:

Thanks very much. I had hoped to post the next few songs that I had started but following my first production I had some interest from a couple of artists… so for the moment everything im working on has to be kept under wraps… even though Im desperate to share with people!

I’ll post links as soon as they are released officially.

Having said that I have one half finshed track (from this same artist as this one) that I can post as soon as I have the opportunity to finish.



Had some luck recently, a hip-hop duo have officially released one of my productions.

The drums were created using Maschine as a plugin in cubase but everything else was done using Cubase plugins, sounds etc…

You can check out a little preview of the tune here:

Support is much appreciated.