My first Cubase rtist 7 track

Just got cubase artist 7 watched the first few intro tutorials and threw a few loops together. I have so much to learn anyone know any good tutorials I am interested in making dance and dubstep like tracks. Got a good ear but not to big on the music experience department. I really need good loops to work with to, mostly to learn.

You need everything that you say you need …plus a good tune, the most important element I think…good luck and welcome to the forum, some good people on here to give you good advice…Kevin

Welcome :slight_smile:.
I personally really dislike working with loops. Feels like I’m making someone elses music :wink:.
Take a look at Groove Agent One and Halion Sonic SE and Retrologue (all 3 included in Artist 7), those 3 should easily enable you to recreate a song like you just posted, but then with full control over all the voice parameters, tempo and notes!
Playing your own grooves and melodies is so much more fun than just slapping prefab bits together, believe me.

Completely agree with the anti-loops. I know there is a temptation to have something sounding decent and cohesive in a shorter amount of time, but don’t bother with loops or you may just become too lazy to continually learn new things and excel at your craft :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought this tutorial was really good for dubstep bass;-

I had to play it through twice on a second monitor full screen (only way to learn in real-time, over laying windows and continually switching is not an option.)

Although I like a variety of electronica genres, I absolutely can’t stand to listen to dubstep. The wobbling bass (even when relatively in tune) isn’t something I enjoy. That’s not to say it isn’t musical, I just don’t enjoy it personally.

There are plenty of tutorials available on Youtube by users, semi-professionals and professionals. Just gotta sift through them until you find the good ones.

Man I know this is loops, but holy crap that is a sweet little tune… Could be a tune for cartoon network or sumin :laughing:

Keep going…