My first Cubasis tune

Here’s my first Cubasis tune. Really loving doing this on my iPad.

Let me know what you think.

Nice pc of music there John. 'D love to hear the specs on it. Ie: how many tracks, guitar apps used or miced from amp, what other music apps used if any, etc.

Nice guitar sound. Kinda cross between Satriani and Mike Oldfield (higher notes). Keep up the good work.

1 question tho, is the title supposed to be West of The Son or West Of The SUN? Just checking :wink:

Thanks! No, that’s the correct title.

10 tracks in total. 2 are midi tracks, 3 are drum loops. The rest are piano and guitar. The piano is from an old Kurzweil Micro Piano. The guitar is a Strat running through an old Boss GT-3.

For now, I am using the JamUp plug to bring audio in until I get an Apogee Jam. There’s a lot of crosstalk so I had to turn off, or turn down tracks when recording to minimize the added background audio.

I grew up a keyboard player and this is my first piece that features guitar. Happy you can hear the influences!

No other apps used, but if they get AudioBus going, I’ll likely go crazy with all the apps I have.

Yeah, audiobus would be a dream once implimented. Thanks for sharing.