My first DORICO-score written from scratch

Dear fellow-users. I have placed R.Strauss Suite opus 4, part 3 Gavotte here with dorico-file and pdf’s. I am really impressed how fluently you write in DORICO and how precise and beautiful the layout-tools work. Dorico R.Strauss. Thanks to the Dorico-crew. Yours Arne Dich

Arne, since you publish this so candidly, isn’t copyright an issue to consider? This work is not PD in the EU (Strauss died in 1949) Also, in order to publish an arrangement you will have to have the written consent of the original publisher. If you have that, it should show on your material… I’m not a legal expert, this is just meant as a fair warning… :slight_smile:

Legal issues aside, I’ve noticed one thing: the PDFs have gray rests (from the Show Implicit Rests).
This is because of a bug in the current version.
Either turning off the implicit rests before exporting or exporting in Black&White (instead of colour) should do the trick.

Anyway, congratulations on a first completed project!

Hello Arne,

That’s a great first score Arne and sounds good too. :slight_smile:

I hope you are able to resolve the copyright issue and look forward to seeing more of your scores.



Thanks for the above. I’m aware of the PD / EU issue but wasn’t aware of the second part (the arrangement). Does this hold true for all works irrespective of death dates etc,?

Thank you for your comments: About the grey rests. I’ll remember the advice.
About R.Strauss: Ups. I am 2 years too early. The copyright expires 70 after the composers death. On my pages I only have arrangements of “expired” compositions.
2 “exceptions”: Gerschwin (in USA they try to prolong copyright) Carnaval de Venise - and R.Strauss: Richard Strauss Serenade op.7 Arr. for Wind-Nonet.
The R.Strauss Gavotte mentioned above is not an arrangement. It is meant as basis for a new arrangement for windnonet.

By the Way. I found the original score of R.Strauss on And I publish not commercially. My arrangements are all free to use for non-commercial playing - and they are mostly used of amateurs and music-schools etc.

I have to stress that I’m not an expert on this topic, but I thought awareness of the copyright issue is important for everyone. I would think that the life+70 rule is valid for arrangements as well. I have been asked by professional orchestras three times over the last few years to orchestrate music from the 20th century and have been strongly advised to seek permission with the publishers holding the copyright. This is probably not a representative number, but all requests were turned down…

Dear Fratveno.
I think you are right. The 70-year rule is also valid for arrangements. And it was a mistake that I published the named R.Strauss opus 7 on my homepage. I did not count years. The Carl Nielsen-things waited until the 70-limit. I have made arrangements for windband that I do not publish for the same reason (f.ex. Piazolla and Ch.Ives). The orchestra paid the Coda-royalties for them in concert - of course.

I am working and playing in the amateur-world - mostly - and it is necessary there to make arrangements of modern (popular) music for special bands, soloists and occasions. But royalties are always paid for concerts.

The purpose with the above mentioned internetpage with R.Strauss Gavotte was on Facebook to show my friends, old colleagues and students the possibilities of DORICO - before end of June. The internet-adress can only be accessed if you have the exact link. There are no link from my pages to it. I could have used the other 2 mentioned DORICO-arrangements instead (Ravel or Wagner). Mistake. Sorry.

Thank you very much for your concern.

Hello Arne.

Great score there.

Thank you so much for providing the Dorico file. I am a complete beginner with Dorico having only been using it for a week, so it was fantastic to have a Dorico file to look at.

Perhaps there should be a user Dorico group where we can share our creations or parts of our creations.

Best wishes, and keep up the great work.