MY first EP

Hello, I just released my first EP. If you could take a minute to give me feedback on it or just a couple of the tracks. It would help me out a lot. I will return all feedback given.

Armadillo: The piano would sound better with a bit of velocity variation and the whole piece needs some support like strings or something else. Good idea and percussion sounds great but it all needs a bit more direction. I see armadillos scurrying about but it didn’t convey the scurrying or the armour like qualities of the wee beasties. Liked it though

Crepuscular: Again a nice tune - strings could or should’ve been mixed up a bit.

Apache - much better and feels like it’s telling a story. Good choice of sounds although I would’ve mixed the bass higher around 3:28 at least.

Eventide - Again lots of potential but the lead felt a bit weak (was it Vanguard?). Some good ideas in there though.

Armadillo Frost Remix - Piano sounds much more lifelike. Sidechain pumping early on in the track could’ve been a bit more aggressive. Trap and similar depend on thin leads to cut through the mix sometimes and this works. The dirty bass/glitch sounded a bit disjointed from the whole track/story and I must admit, I preferred the drumkit on track one to this mix. I was trying to imagine street dancers with this and how they would approach it and it really worked in some parts of the track.

You don’t let us know what kit or version of Cubase you’re using.

I enjoyed quite a bit of what I heard and I’d be pleased if I could produce some of the bits in your tracks, so sorry if it came over as harsh comments.
Perhaps better for you on a forum though to upload & share 1 track at a time & let us know the Cubase & other things in your tracks (put your kit in your sig)

Well done