My First Impressions... Mainly about screen real estate

I was excited about the possibilities for the new, scale-able mixer section. I work with just one monitor and am always struggling to fit everything on one monitor for this program. Not having a dedicated meter bridge (that isn’t tied to channels) forced me to start using the meter bridge that comes with my RME card. It’s compact and accurate.

C7 is scale-able, but for me, in the wrong direction.

If there is still a way to make the channels in the mixer narrow, I can’t find it. So, now the mixer is actually a bit LESS functional for me. What I would love is an independent meter bridge that doesn’t have the fader attached at the bottom of it. Is this possible in C7. And now the channels are a little fatter than they were before and appear to have no way to switch them to a narrow view. The buttons above and below the fader are fat enough that you could make it half as narrow (as it was in previous versions) and still have a large enough button to see.

The other thing that I noticed is that I don’t seem to be able to customize the channel settings window like I used to. I do not use the channel eq and that section of the window takes up the most space. Is there a way to hide that like before? If there is, I couldn’t find it.

C7 is kind of forcing me to consider a larger or second monitor. Not what I’d rather spend extra $$ on (let alone find room for it here in my studio.

On the positive side, it sounds like they have also worked on making this already stable software even more stable. I’m all for that.

I haven’t had time yet but I’m looking forward to exploring some of the new features.

That has been my experience, as well. Try as I might, I can’t make it fit in an acceptable way on my 27" monitor. Not very happy about it.

Can’t you use multiple custom mixers?

Thanks for the thought, Jose. But that wouldn’t work. Here’s my dilemma. I often track whole bands. 12-16 inputs at a time. I need to monitor those inputs AND see the waveforms in the project window. So if you have a Cubase mixer, even on an HD monitor, there’s no room to put that long row of mixer channels and have a big enough verticle space to clearly see the waveforms being recorded while your tracking.

But your thought DOES give me an idea for a future feature. If the mixer could be stacked vertically with the channels (and meters) going horizontal, THAT would work.

Maybe I’ll post a feature request. But from my experience, I haven’t noticed too many others in this forum that use Cubase for tracking in this way.

But that’s an interesting thought you gave me.

Even better would be to have the Nuendo feature that let’s you see the waveform in the mixer.

You can use G and H to make the channels in the mixer narrower or wider.

Hallelujah! Thanks, godspeedyouq! That is awesome. Things just got a lot better for my workflow.


No problem. Definitely check out the videos in this thread: Really helped me figure out C7.


Even the G and H zooming don’t zoom to a small enough strip view. They are about double the width they need to be at their smallest. They need to look at their bridge strip, notice the bridge strip is the right width and doesn’t align to the mixer.

To get rid of the EQ from the editor view just click the right hand side of the entire editor drag it in.
Here is a video I made when I accidentally found this out.