my first instrumental

Hi everybody, If you fancy a listen I’d be chuffed…Kevin.

ok, i sorta like this but i keep expecting a big build up that never actually comes, somthing in the style of u2 perhaps?

I think this fits really well in your particular style. It’s very underscory (that is now a word) but there is a lot going on. Good sounds, very rich.

Hi, jtcorsair…now that underscory is an official word can you tell me what it means exactly cause not quite sure ? do you mean under played or arranged or what ?
Hi, THS ( that’s short for thehornyscotsman) I thought it built up to the end…but maybe it didn’t then…

thanks for taking the time to listen…much appreciated , Kevin

I thought it was cool, majestic sounding track, some real nice guitar slides. good build to the end, was just thinking the finish could’ve went up one more note for the last hit.

hi Shadow,
i just want to make clear that i never meant there wasn’t a build up, just not as big as what i felt it could have been. i felt like you were teasing me with a good sound that was continuously building up but never exploded. this is of course just my opinion as JJ and Bluebob have different idea’s.

thats whats good about music, different people hear different things from the same sound.

i used u2 as an example- listen to the song with or without you, i feel it is similar to what you have done in the sense that it has a continuous build up but this does explode. (to my ears anyway)

what i do find though is lyrics can have a big bearing on how you see a song going, you could come back here with a set of words where when i listen i would think differently, or maybe the sining would make this constant build up more apparent

i hope this is more clear to what i meant


Really nice! Kind of underscory. I’m not sure what that means either! But I think it might mean that it’s not in your face or brash. Maybe a little new-agey, and I mean the new age of 25 years ago (think Vangelis, or, ha ha, the band Shadowfax, there really is one, I used to like them a lot). Nothing wrong with that! I agree with the others on the end.

Underscore is a film music term. Music that underscores a scene, supports visual action or emotional content. Not designed to be the focus of attention. I added the “y” because of course it is a stand alone piece and it’s only reminiscent of film underscore.

Ok jtcorsair, thanks for the explanation of the new word that will be on everybody’s lips in the future…

THS, no problem mate, totally agree with what you said and thanks for your opinion,

early 21, I’ll check out the band “shadowfax” didn’t know there was one and would it not be interesting to hear peoples opinions on music if they did not have a history of music to look back on …just an academic type thought there, need to rest up after thinking so much, best to you all and thanks again for listening, Kevin

Took a listen at Fahrenheit and it reminds me of some of the older progressive music like Genesis. Big sounds and spaces. The only gripes I could find was an irritating percussive sound (maybe bass drum) happening roughly 0:34 - 1:30. I think it is too forward in the mix and disturbing (at least when listened via my headphones).

In my opinion the long ending (starting after 1:30) was effective because it was so different from the preceding parts.

Thanks for your comments hko, nice to be compared to a successful group,i think you could be right about the jungle rhythm thing goin on…bit too upfront maybe…gonna take another look at it…cheers, Kevin

I like it. I identify with the Vangelis (etc) references too… this track could just as easily be a “Chariots Of Fire”.
I get what the guys are saying about maybe needing a ‘bigger’ ending - but I think its ok as is to be honest.


Given the last piece you posted I had it a Discovery channel kind of “how it’s made” kind of programme in my mindset straight away from the first notes. I think the drums sound too undefined. I’m not sure why that is but that’s how I hear it.

Apart from the drums the overall feeling/vibe sounds good for that kind of TV programme context, so well done :wink:

sherz…jonathan5456, thanks for taking the time to listen in and comment, this forum has helped me to improve my music because comments are always clear and objective…good forum this is…Kevin

Nice piece. I also hear 1980’s Vangelis here – I think that’s why so many of us feel this works as INCIDENTAL music (underscore music is a bit different from this) since so much of his work graced movies during the 80’s :sunglasses:

thanks for listening twilightsong…i agree with your comments…Kevin