My first one here.

My first song to judge by you guys!

All comments welcome.


Nice song!
The drums and bass are really quiet compared to the vocal and synths. The guitar is great in the solo, but in the rest of the song it sounds a bit distant and dull in my opinion.

Hello and welcome to the music page.

Nicely sung and played. I agree the drums and bass are very distant in this mix
and would dearly like to hear them more upfront.



Hi and welcome, I agree with the other comments and also it seems to me that the power chords are trying to hard and they seem slightly "at odds " with the track…but well done and keep on keepin on …Kevin

Thanks a lot guys! Mixing is clearly not my thing, the more I fiddle with that the messier it gets but I’ll give it another try.
Thanks again! :smiley:


Interesting tune. I agree with above comments about drums and bass being totally lost in the mix. Guitar sounds really good.

Hi welcome to site tune is really good mix needs some work as described earlier, will wait to comment till you do another mix.

Much appreciated! :smiley:

Previous comments re the mix are correct. Guitar playing is really good. What do you see happening with this song?

Thanks Mr M.

‘Dream mode on’
It would be great when a rockband would make this into a killer song that will reach top of the charts and I could make a living being a songwriter.
‘Dream mode off’



Put a new version on Soundcloud:

It’s the best I can achieve being completely ignorant with the skills of mixing.

Looking forward to your comments on this one.


Much better. The drums could maybe use just a little bit more, but it’s much closer now.
The bass seems to have a very loud attack. You can hear it play clearly, but it’s difficult to hear what note it’s actually playing. Not really sure what you can do to improve that, maybe someone else has a suggestion.

Thanks Strophoid, I used Fretbuzzy HS and I could try some other bass.

Hallo Rene!

I listened through little in-ears, so I can’t comment really on the mix in detail.
But I wanted to say thank you for posting this!
Nice to hear such music…A bit fishy…(And then I mean the old Marillion Singer) and Genesis.

It’s a good song but not the song you want to write in your dreammode hahaha. This is not the music people are listening today, but you’ll never know, dreams are always allowed.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks Dylan!

It’s an old song back from 1999 so you’re right about that. :smiley: