My first orchestral in Cubase Studio 5.5 & HALion Symph. O.


This is my first piece in Cubase (Cubase Studio 5 & HALion Symphonic Orchestra).

Hope you like it.
Any comments much appreciated:



very nice tune , i thought from 1.26 in when the piano kicks in from then on the sounds are realy nice, but before that the orchestral sounds sound a bit electronic.

Hello Martin,

let me start by saying that I couldn’t produce such a recording even if I had
a year to do so, so much respect.

I liked the piano, not so much the strings because they sounded more programmed.
But I couldn’t do it if you paid me.

Nice to meet you in this forum.


Hello Martin. This is very well put together. The Halion stuff isn’t good enough for such a work, you probably need to check out better sample libraries in order to sound more authentic. I presume what we have here is more a sketch than the finsihed article. A Fantasia is a much more expansive piece than this with more thematic development. You need to explore either the piano solo or the orchestral parts, more than likely both. A good starting point would be to listen to some Rachmaninov or maybe Mozart’s fantasias to give you an idea what those guys were doing.
Still, this is an excellent start. Best of luck with the composition :sunglasses:

Completely agree with this. From the moment the piano comes in this is absolutely stunning. I’m no expert on classical music and symphonic orchestra, but the first part feels too perfect. Violins need a bit of character and stringnoise I think.

I thought it was well put together. In places its amazing. Think the strings don’t do it justice as others said, but it works. Love to see how your getting on after a few more projects. Enjoyed it,… nice one !

Nice, learned composition.

I had the Halion strings once upon a time, and they had some neat keyswitching abilities that even some of the big boys didn’t have at the time (hasn’t East-West ever heard of “portamento?” :laughing: ) but in the end I gave them away because the samples had a kind of distortion ion them – and I’m hearing that on this, too.

But again, nice composition

I just found out, by accident, that I have some replies here - I did not set up email notifications :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments - very encouraging!

It took one evening to compose and record it, but another couple of weeks to edit it.
But still, I know, the strings do not sound very realistic. I’m hoping in better results in my new Cubase 6 + HSO (via HALion Sonic SE). I’m also saving money for EastWest Symphonic Orchestra (actually the whole EW Composer’s Pack) and/or EastWest Hollywood Strings (amazing sound, glissando, true legato, mic positioning - you know what I mean :slight_smile: ).
Has anyone some experience with EW products in C6? Any issues there?

Regarding the composition itself, it is just a very small piece of music actually without any form (A, B, A or so). Fantasy 2, which I’m working on these days (better say months :slight_smile:), will be more comprehensive.

Thanks again.